[title style=”bold” text=”VEHICLE WRAPS FAQ’S”] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”How durable is vinyl wrap on a car?”]

When taking care of your wrap, it can last from 3 to 6 years.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Does wrapping your car void warranty?”]

No. As long as the installation is professionally done.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Can you wash a wrapped car?”]

Yes. Ideally, low pressure wash with no wax. We also offer Avery wrap wash kit if you prefer, but regular wash is good too.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Do car wraps come off easily?”]

If removed before 4 years, it can normally be removed by heating up the surface (heatgun or just leave outside under sun for a couple of hours) and it can be removed by hand

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Does vinyl wrap scratch?”]

Yes, it does. It’s great for protecting the paint underneath

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What’s the average price on a vehicle wrap?”]

Every car is different and there are different options for vinyl. However, a good starting point is usually around $1700 (average price.)

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